Angster Rap

Angster Rap

“I, am a teenage angster…”

I, am a teenage angster
A frustrated mid-twenties gangster
Words for bullets – obviously
Expletive explosives
don’t f@ck with me

With wit as sharp as a knife
I’m in your face for a slice of life
Don’t want your fear you fool
Respective, defective
And cool in school

Now there’s faith hope and charity
I punched their lip ‘cos they sneered at me
They left, now my life’s a Hell hole
Humility, futility
I sold my soul

I sold out to higher causes
When you’re tripping there ain’t no time to pause
And think where’s my life leading
Downwardly, spiralling
Hear me pleading

‘Cos life’s too short and our antics’
Like changing deck chairs on the Titanic
Ain’t nothing you can do
Expect it, respect it
Coming for you

Now I’ve put down the gun
And penned my last crime for some time to come
I’m finished
Depleted, defeated
Yes I’m finished…

Gonna listen to REM instead.

Yapparister – March 2014

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