SEOde to Perfection

SEOde to Perfection

A lonely web crawler
meta tag who suggested
he find an url friend.

The spider returned to his web
and on a page rank with fear
changed his density.

Stuffing keywords
sculpting links
tweaking his title tag,
he began his search
full of optimization.

He came across a SERPant
resting in the sandbox.

Though clearly a no follow
he felt content in her company
and wondered if it was duplicated.

Would you like to share my domain
enquired the Spider?
Impressed by his sense of algorithm
the SERPant url agreed
to anchor herself to him.

The content spider and friendly url
lived ♯happilyeverafter.

Yapparister – April 13


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

2 thoughts on “S E ODE TO PERFECTION

  1. S E Ode to perfection is easily one of my favorites! I will stop bombarding your beautiful page with comments now 🙂

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